Hello! My name is Tinton Arya Sasmita, the man behind Alabackpacker.com. I am originally from Indonesia. One of my highest dream is to travel around Indonesia, knowing my own country, going from the west to the east which is almost the same distance to travel from Lisbon Portugal to Moscow Russia. After completing to travel around Indonesia, I really would like to travel around the world. It will start from travelling South East Asia, having silk road journey accross China to Middle East, having Trans Siberia Train trip, visiting countries in Europe, watching Aurora in Iceland. Traveling American continent from the North to the South. And the last thing in my bucket list is to see penguins in Antartica.

I am so passionate to travel. I like to meet new people, getting new experiences, and learning different knowledge. I created this travel blog to share my travel stories, tips and recommendation. So for everyone who read my article will get more information about the journey where they would like to do as the same as I did.

Firstly, I write this blog only in Indonesian Language till someday when I got suggestion from European travelers to write the article in English too. Because they are luck of information about unpopular destination in Indonesia. So hopefully, by writting my blog in both Indonesian and English, I will get bigger audience that really need information about the journey like I did.

Most of my travel journey is supported by my own travel business in Yogyakarta City, Indonesia, it is the city where the biggest Buddhist Temple (Borobudur) and the largest Hindust Compound Temple (Prambanan) in the world located. I know, it will be a little possibilities that you will visit my city, but if you really planning to travel my city, you may please to book your tour via www.borobudurprambanan.com . By booking your tour via that website, you are also supporting me to be able to realize my dream to travel around the world.

Besides of my travel business, I also afford my journey by moneytizing my blog using google adsense, accepting sponsorship and also doing an affiliate marketing.

Thanks for visiting my blog, if you would like to have cooperation with me, you may please to contact me via email at tintarya@gmail.com.