How to Go From Civitavecchia Port to Rome and Vatican City by Train

Civitavecchia Port To Rome And Vatican City

Hello guys, thanks for visiting my article. At first, I just want to let you know, my blog is not the official tourism website of Civitavecchia or Rome City that will give you a complete guidance “how to go from Civitavecchia Port to Rome City Centre or Vatican”. I am here as my capability as an ordinary Travel Blogger that willing to share my experience going from Civitavecchia Port to explore Rome and Vatican City when i was a crew member of a cruise line company. Everything I write here is only based on my experience, hope this article will be useful for you, so, please stay tune till the end of this article.

The distance from Civitavecchia Port to Rome or Vatican City

The distance between Civitavecchia Port to Rome City Centre is around 73 KM and from Civitavecchia Port to Vatican is around 67 KM. It is around 1,5 hours by car, but i know that you don’t bring your car to Italy, because you are reading my article, otherwise you can go by car and open your google maps, hehehe.

Anyone should have heard a quote saying : “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” That means that the great city with all the great monuments was built within hundreds or even thousand years, not instantly. But I still don’t understand (because i am not a Historian), “why the ancestor of Romans did not build all the important building near the sea port?” Otherwise we will have a good time to explore the City of Rome, no need to buy train ticket to reach the city centre. But, of course it was a joke, I admire it, what the Roman Ancestors did was really amazing. Even i need to spend all my one month salary to go from Civitavecchia Port To Rome and Vatican City, I will never regret it.

The Transport Option to go from Civitavecchia Port to Rome and Vatican City

There are several options to go from Civitavecchia Port to Rome City Centre. The easiest way for you if you are a ship passenger, you can book a tour from the cruise that you go cruising with. I am not sure about how much it will cost you. You can confirm it to the Port Adventure Staff in your ship. But if you are willing to explore City of Rome by your own, you can check this out : 

Firstly, when you go out from the ship you will need a shuttle bus to take you from the ship to the port exit gate, the shuttle buses are provided by the port authority or your ship, so It will be free. As you know Civitavecchia Port is really a huge port. There are often that many ships dock together in the port. So, do not expect that you will walk from the ship to the exit gate. Next, let’s start with the options :

  1. Local Tour Organizer. In the port exit gate there will be several tour organizer that will offer you a tour to go to City of Rome. You can choose which one is more convenient for you.
  2. Taxi. Also near the main exit gate, there will be so many taxi stand by or passing by. You can ask them to take you to explore City of Rome. The price is around 100 € – 200 € back to back (Civitavecchia Port >><< Rome City Centre with tour included), the price depends on the route that you will take and also depend on your bargaining skill. If you are crew members, you can also invite your colleagues to join with you to share the cost.
  3. Train. This is what i choose to go from Civitavecchia Port to Rome and Vatican. For me, using train is the best way, because i don’t think about the convenience, the most important for me is, how can i go somewhere with tight budget. And why I choose train to go to Rome, it is because I love to try the local transportation. By using local public transport, I can feel and see how the local people live. 

If you want to choose the last option like me. you can go to the Civitavecchia Station from Civitavecchia Port Exit Gate by walking because the distance between Port Exit to the train station is only around 1 KM. But because I was a crew member, I did not have much time, so I choose  to go to Stazione Civitavecchia by taxi. It will cost you around 5€ to 10€, depends on how you bargain. For me, it is easy to lower the price from 10€ to 5€. I just said, “the station is near here, 10€ is too expensive”. When you bargain something in any countries, you just need to pretend that you know everything, though you know nothing. Trust me! it works, hahaha.

What Train, The Price and How to Book your train from Civitavechia to Rome and Vatican City.

All Civitavecchia to Rome / Vatican City Trains are run by Trenitalia and all trains from Civitavecchia to Rome / Vatican City are direct and available almost every hour. It departs from Stazione Civitavechia. If you want to visit Vatican first, you have to stop in San Pietro Rome Station. But if you want to explore the Rome City Center first, you can continue your journey around 15 minutes then stop in Rome Central Station, the name is Roma Termini Station. 

The price for the train is only around 5€ starts from Stazione Civitavecchia to both stops between Roma Termini Station or Roma S Pietro Station, it is quite cheaper compared if you taking a private taxi. You can check all the trains schedule by using, it’s the biggest train booking application in Europe. I also provide the widget link below, so it will be easier for you to check the schedule.

I suggest you to book the train online. We will never know how long is the line in the ticket counter in the station, especially if there are several cruise ships docking in the port together. By booking your ticket online, you will safe much time. And you do not need to change the booking confirmation into paper, it is more eco-friendly. Your ticket booked via is valid as a boarding pass even your phone off line.

In the site, Rome San Pietro Station will be written as Rome S.Pietro, because if you search for San Pietro, it will appears so many options with different direction. And Rome Termini is just written as Rome Termini in the site.

The places that I visited when I was in Rome

After I arrived in Rome Termini Station, the first place that i visited was Colosseum. From Termini Station you just have to move to the Rome Metro System. And find the blue line, it is only 3 minutes to go from Termini Station to Colosseo Station. Once we get out from the station, The  Colosseum will be seen.

After visiting Colosseum, I proceeded to Trevi Fountain by walking around 15 minutes and saw the beautiful City of Rome on my way. After that, I went to Vatican by Bus. It is easy to find which bus going from Trevi Fountain to Vatican. You just need to find the nearest bus stop from Trevi Fountain. In the bus stop, you will see an information board, And you can see which bus is going to Vatican City. 

Actually, you can explore more places in Rome, it is not necessary to follow my trip. I only went to 3 places, it was because I need to work again after going to Rome. So, if you have much time,  you can find other places to explore. As another proverb about Rome, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do!” So you can try to be a Romans by doing like they always do. Maybe like drinking a cup of cappuccino, eating pizza or gelato, and etc.

From Vatican City back to Civitavecchia Port

Stazione S. Pietro Rome. Civitavecchia Port To Rome and Vatican City

After visiting Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and Vatican, I decided to be back to the port. From Vatican, you can walk around 15 minutes to Rome S. Pietro Station. So, to go back to the port, it is not necessary for you to go first to the central station ( Roma Termini Station ). You can catch the train to Civitavecchia from Stazione Roma S. Pietro. Also you can check the schedule first in So you can manage your trip before you go to Vatican and Rome City Center. 

That’s all i can write in this article. If you need a guided tour in Rome or Vatican Ciity, you may please to check it in this link : Experinces to try in Rome. I hope you will have a pleasant trip in Rome.

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